Happy birthday to me!

At my birthday dinner with family the other night, my Nanna asked me to name the one thing in my (now) 33 years that was the most exciting.

Gee, Nan, could you think of an easier question?

There are numerous things I could say: growing up in Pakistan, boarding school, some very hairy family holidays on glaciers and mountain roads, going to uni, travelling around Europe, getting married, staying married, having three babies...

However, the one thing that continues to be the most exciting thing in my life is without a doubt my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a relationship that I believe began before I was born, but which I understood with clarity first at the age of 6.

I was converted during family devotions while we were on holidays at the Blue Lagoon Caravan Park in Bateau Bay. All of a sudden it became crystal clear: I sinned! Jesus died for me! He forgives me!

The implications of that truth have sustained, refreshed, convicted, saved and changed me over 27 years now.

Every year on my birthday I write two lists. One is things I have learned or achieved over the past year. The other is things I want to learn or achieve in the year to come.

Featuring large in the first list are the many things God has taught me or reminded me of over 12 months. It's amazing how much God graciously shows to me every year. And at the top of the second list are the ways I want to continue to be changed and shaped by him, and a prayer to understand him more.

This year, I want to learn more about how to love people: what effective Christ-like love is: how it looks: what it feels like: what it costs: what it gives back. If you're the praying type and you want to add me to your list pray along those lines!