Fussy eaters: beware

I'm resigning!

I'm sick of being the cook to my children. From now on they can plan their own meals, balance their own diets and refuse to eat what ever they give themselves.

Yes, I'm whingeing. But you would too! At 4.30 every day, my stomach sinks as I ask myself, "What will I cook that they'll eat tonight?"

Child Number 1 has always been a fussy eater. She's coaxable with threats and rewards now, but she eats unwillingly unless it's pizza or some other combination of white flour and cheese. She will never eat tomato sauce on anything.

Child Number 2 won't eat anything he doesn't want to eat, which is most things. He will sometimes eat a combination of five different foods, none of which are vegetables or meat apart from specific sausages. He requires tomato sauce with everything.

Child Number 3 hands back what he doesn't want to eat and spreads the rest all over his face, hands and clothes. He then stands up in his highchair, having worked out how to get through the barrier, and yells for his drink.

I was not a fussy eater. I do not come from a family of fussy eaters. I have tried not to encourage fussy eating. I am sick of fussy eating. If you are or were a fussy eater, I'm sorry for your mother, or for the person who cooks in your household.