In two years time....

Remediating autism is a long road. Results are small and gradual. That's why the RDI program makes it a priority for parents to set goals for themselves. They call them 'Mission previews' and it's meant to keep your aims fresh in your mind as you work with your child each day.

Here's my 'mission preview' for two years time with Campbell. I can hardly even imagine it, but it would be great to see! Try to pick the bits which are in sharp contrast to his life right now.

It’s the end of the Campbell’s first week at school. We’re all walking home together.

“What did you do today?” I ask. “I did a great painting,” he says. “And then I played with two boys at recess. It was really fun.”

We walk calmly through the front door and head in for afternoon tea.

“Can I have an orange please Mum?” he asks. “Sorry, I don’t have any oranges left. Would you like a banana?” I say. “Ok,” he says.

After they eat, Campbell says to James, “Let’s go ride our bikes. I’ll pull you in the wagon. Jemima, do you want to come too?”

The three of them run off together to play quietly outside with no yelling.