Things I think about a lot - and which have shaped my life

- Jesus Christ - the necessity of his death and resurrection for my salvation.
- Remediating autism and improving my son's life.
- Making things, creating things and improving things
- Writing about all of the above
- Seeing the sky
- Health, nutrition, balance and understanding how we work
- Amateur psychology
- What I'm going to wear. Or not wear.
- the kind of parent I am and want to be

Things I think about a lot - but about which I haven't done very much

- World poverty
- Being on the P&C for school
- Improving public transport
- New quilts or children's clothes to make
- Saving money
- Improving the garden
- wearing sunscreen
- Writing letters to politicians or TV stations or schools or supermarkets etc etc to improve society
- Doing more craft/games/outside activities/bushwalks with the children
- Exercise

Things I don't care much about - but they shape my life anyway

- the kind of car or computer I have (if it runs and passes rego, that's good enough for me)
- vacuuming and washing and loading the dishwasher

Things I wish I cared about a bit more

- How tidy my drawers are (or aren't)
- Ironing
- State politics
- Other people's problems
- The hairiness of my legs

Things I thought I didn't care about, but it turns out I did

- Mothers Day
- people missing my birthday
- The colour and ring tone of my mobile phone