More burned cookies

I really need to buy myself an oven timer.

Yesterday I had two culinary disasters in the afternoon. Almond meringues, it turns out, are more difficult to make than I had thought. And too much honey in Russian custard, when you think you remember the recipe, but don't really, is quite disgusting.

By the evening, I thought I had better redeem myself, so mixed up some rice flour/almond meal bread as well as some peanut butter cookies. Popped them in the oven and then got caught up filling out some forms (such an exciting part of life). By the time I got back to it, the bread was cooked, but the cookies were dead.

My mother once made a comment about me: "You're really smart at a lot of things, but in some things you are just not!"

Alas, remembering things in the oven or on the stove is one of the 'just nots'.