Thinking. Fear or worry?

Something interesting to ponder on, especially given that Jesus so clearly tells us to NOT worry!

"Worry is the fear we manufacture; it is a choice. Conversely, true fear is involuntary; it will come and get our attention if necessary.

But, if a parent or child feels fear constantly, there is no signal left for when it's really needed. Thus, the parent who chooses to worry all the time, or who invests unwarranted fears into children is actually making them less safe.

Worry is not a precaution; it is the opposite because it delays and discourages constructive action.

True fears and unwarranted fears may at times feel the same, but you can tell them apart.

True fear is a gift that signals us in the presence of danger; thus it will be based upon something you perceive in your environment or circumstance. Unwarranted fear or worry will always be based on something in your imagination or your memory."

~ Gavin de Becker

As I typed this out, I thought about the fact that the words 'Do not Fear' are mentioned over 200 times in the Bible. Even when we feel 'true' fear, as compared to false fear, we still have God who is bigger than the immediate danger and in whom we can trust, no matter what we face.