Thinking. Core Values

My newest pin-up writer, Don Miller, writes here about knowing what your core values are. His argument is that if we know them, and do things in our lives that are in accordance with them, we'll be more true to ourselves and find it all less like 'work'. 

So how do you find your own 'core values'? If you're having trouble coming up with them, Miller says it can be easier to think about it negatively. What really makes you mad? What issues really fire you up? Turn them around and voila! you have your core values.

Personally, I get mad when I feel belittled, not listened to or not taken seriously. I get hugely riled up when I see injustice towards women and children in particular. I feel sick when I see waste and excess and wealth flung around with no regard for fairness. Violence, abuse of power, black and white thinking and lies all make me shudder.

So I guess the flip side of all of that is believing that every person or group of people has a voice and should be respected and heard. Maybe my core values are justice, fairness, flexibility, truthfulness and respect.

What are yours?