Can chaos really be organised?

A friend sent me a link to this site called Planning with Kids. It's sort of 'how to organise your family' with menu helps, travelling information and other such things from a large family of two parents and five children.

Perhaps it's my state of mind at the moment, being 37.5 weeks pregnant, but really. Who are these sorts of people? How can they be organised with so much going on in their lives? Are they just control freaks? Don't they ever get overwhelmed like I do? Aren't their stairs home to as many dust bunnies as mine? 

The reason my friend sent the link was because they had a guest blogger in to write about ways to improve children's thinking and language skills. My current youngest, Max, 4, is struggling with things like talking about procedure (first we do this, then we need that...) and prediction in stories (how did Mr McGee feel when the bull ran at him? What do you think he did next?).

It was a helpful post, but then I started to feel bad when I looked at the rest of the site and thought, "The reason Max probably needs help is because he's basically been neglected for his entire life because I've been too busy focusing on the other children, particularly the autistic one... and I'm not organised enough, and just thinking about it all today is a wee bit tiring, let alone realising I'm sitting here blogging rather than doing the vacuuming and hanging out the washing and cooking nutritious meals for everybody and... and... and..." 

Help me out here. Let me know that you're all as overwhelmed as I am sometimes. Feeling normal has got to be better than feeling sub-standard, right?