Thinking. Loving, wishing, hating

Sophie's blog had an entry on things she's loving and not loving the other day. Here's my list.



Listening to a simple harp version of Pachabel's canon, played by my daughter, at least three times a day. And hearing her attempts at Oasis' Bittersweet symphony too. And thinking about how much her playing has improved this year.

Seeing my boys sit together and take turns and negotiate plans when they play the computer in the morning, or set up a train track together.

The book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, with some challenging thoughts about loving people.

Watching Masterchef. Finals week! Will Alvin clinch the title?



That concert harps were more easily available in Australia, and a whole lot less expensive!

That the good times for the boys outnumbered the fights. (It happens sometimes)

I found it easier to see the good in people all the time.

that just shopping where the Masterchefs shop made it automatic that I can cook like the Masterchefs cook...



Waiting for my baby to be born. These last few weeks always crawl by, millisecond by millisecond. I'm ready now. Why isn't she?