If there were 50 hours in a day...

There are so many things in life I'd like to do. But time is always the problem. If there were 50 hours in a day (and I had a cook and a cleaner) these are some of the things I would attempt.

- Become an activist and lobby to work for any or all of the following: public transport, clean energy, disability support, rights of the child, increase in international aid, getting rid of mandatory detention for boat people.... and more that I can't think of right now.

- Learn to cook. And actually take the time to 'respect the ingredients' as they say on Masterchef. I'd love to spend more time in the kitchen with the children too and hopefully get them happily used to eating new foods.

- Become an aid worker. I have a particular heart for disenfranchised women and victims of rape and I'd love to provide women living in poverty with the ability to start micro-businesses to support themselves and their children.

- Spend some time learning about birth and do some work as a doula. After a fantastic birth experience - finally! - fourth time around, it would be wonderful to share that with others.

- Go and train to be an RDI consultant and work with autistic young people. I'd particularly like to help autistic teens who are in mainstream schools but not really making it socially. I'd also need money for this particular dream.

-  Garden. Our backyard (and frontyard for that matter) is a bomb. Wouldn't it be fun to create a flowery cottage garden with rambling roses. 

- Redecorate. And learn how to do it well. I have dreams for the kitchen here, but it's not ours and it's not 'essential' so it probably won't get done in our time in this house. I watch renovator TV shows and love some of the results. This dream would also take money though! 

- Read more stories to the children. And go to all their events and assemblies and sports comps. I have to pick and choose now but I would love to do more. 

- Travel. Although you'll notice that's not high on the list. 


- Sew quilts. And maybe do some lessons in design and colour. It would all have to fit in with the interior design thing.

- Write four books a year. 

- Take up pilates and ballroom dancing and get a weekly massage

- Spend hours with all the friends I have now and the ones I've left behind over the years just because of time and distance. 


What would you do if you had 50 hours in a day?