My very exciting day

Last night I left my husband sick in bed, and two of my children watching TV and having their own 'lounge room sleepover' and drove with the other two to Sydney.

In the morning I dropped both kiddies off to my sister in law and navigated my way across Sydney to the studios of 103.2fm to be interviewed by Katrina Roe, their mornings presenter.

She asked me some good questions about my book, and very professionally, mentioned the title at least four times. I tried not to get too tongue tied and we had a bit of a giggle.

Then it was back across Sydney through the traffic to pick up the baby (who was a bit of a handful for her poor aunty) and Bright Eyes, and off to a therapy appointment. We squeaked in with two minutes to spare.

Thanks Katrina and Hope 103.2 for the support.

(Oh, and when I got home, the husband was out of bed and the other two kids had indeed managed to get themselves to school on time.)