Weird dreams and murder

Recently, I've become a killer.

No, don't worry, it's only in my dreams. And before you start worrying about that, I mean the kind I have when I'm completely asleep.

All my life I've been plagued by the sorts of nightmares where baddies chase me, so I run away and I hide until they find me (and they always find me) and then I keep running, all night, until I finally wake up.

But, over a year ago, while I was pregnant, I finally stood up to the baddy in my dream. I began to run away, as usual, but when I realised he just wasn't going to give up, I thought I'd better do something about it. I had a child with me, whom I knew I had to protect. So I killed the baddy. And then I dragged his body outside the town gates and left it there.

Let me tell you, it takes quite a bit of work to kill a baddy in a dream. It's not a simple strangle-and-you're-done affair. It's also quite emotionally draining. But the idea that I'm safe at the end of it is so, so much better to wake up to than the terror and emotional trauma of having to hide and run away all night.

Since that first murderous dream, I've killed a few more baddies while I've slept. Make of it what you will. Personally, I'm convinced that dreams illustrate a lot about our lives. I must be getting better at facing and dealing with my problems, not just running from them.