1000 gifts, numbers 140-149

Today I am thankful for:

149. A voice with which to speak.

150. Words, big and small

151. Eyes. Not only can they can see dirt (and remind me to clean), they can also see tiny flowers on bushes, my two year old's smiles and the freckles on James' nose.

152. Birdsong, and the ears to hear it with.

153. The fact that my dog is always only a metre away from me at any given time in the day. (He loves me.)

154. Roots - emotional, spiritual and physical. I love belonging somewhere.

155. Windows to see out of.

156. The fact that my teenage daughter's room is the cleanest, tidiest, most decluttered room in the house. (She downsized her bookcase this week, by choosing what she wanted to keep, rather than focusing on what she could get rid of.)

157. Chocolates, and the fact that I'm allowing myself to eat them this week. 'Cos it's Christmas.

158. Presents. I got some nice ones. Mostly, though, I like that they say "I love you".

159. Water. I just take it for granted, but it's amazing stuff.


What are you thankful for today?