Family history in footprints

Click on this picture and you'll see footprints and initials. They were made about 60 years ago, pressed into the concrete of the back step of my grandparents holiday shack. 

The footprints are a foot each from my pop, my nanna, my mum (aged about 7?) and her two little sisters and they were done as the house was being built.

Back then, it was one of two little beach shacks on a dusty unsealed road in front of a sand dune. Today it's a busy hub for beachgoers, surfers and bike riders. The sand dunes are nowhere to be seen and pop's little house is about the only original dwelling left in the street which is now home to double story luxury villas and townhouses. Its monetary value I'm sure has increased more than ten-fold. 

But we still love it because it's our family special place. It's got history and we've got memories. My pop had a special talent for purchasing great property and enough money to do it and all of his family (and many others) have benefited from his generosity over the years. 

We spent a day there today and on the way we heard, from the backseat, "Barrack is just my favourite place in the world." I agree kid!