Children make you interested in more stuff

I can promise you that if you'd suggested 10 years ago that I would ever be engaged in a detailed conversation about a netball game, I would have laughed. Truly, I despised most sport, and especially netball.

I would have been horrified at the idea that I might ever have a model train shed in my backyard. And embarrassed about the thought of knowing every character from Thomas the Tank Engine. And bored at the idea of reading Chinese folk tales or doing Japanese craft.

This week, however, I have engaged in all of these things. I haven't been bored, disinterested or embarrassed at all. And it is because of my children. 

When you love someone so much that you'd hurl yourself under a bus for them, it's amazing how you can immerse yourself in their interests, originally for their sakes, but then because you're beginning to find that the things they love are actually pretty cool and interesting. Certainly, a lot better than you thought.

It's educational and mind-broadening to have children, if just because all of a sudden there are four different individuals running around the house, each with completely different ideas about what is cool and worth pursuing. 

Have you found a new interest or passion because of someone you love?