1000 gifts, numbers 80-89

On a sparkly autumn day, it's easy to find another ten gifts.

80. Pink rose jumping gently in the breeze.

81. Daughter learning new song on her harp. 

82. Coco's look of delight when she sees her teenage babysitter.

83. Folding and gluing paper bunting at Kids Church.

84. Kissing my six year old goodbye as he goes off to his first real concert with daddy.

85. Tucking in the six year old after the concert. "What did you like best?" Him, sleepily: "They played a song from really France and Paris!"

86. Hearing a description of my eight-year-old's coherent conversation at school, and the fact that he managed to get over frustration and join in again.

87. Sunshine and shadows.

88. Leaves turning red, yellow, ochre, brown.

89. Caramelised onion and goats cheese tart purchased for my lunch.