My New Year goals

For some reason I just don't like odd numbers as much as even numbers when it comes to the year label.

2013 is taking some getting used to, and it can't be because of the 13 because I'm definitely not superstitious.

I'm sure it will start to sit better soon enough, although going on my recent history I won't get the hang of it until about September.

Sometimes I even still go to put 19.. in the date section of my banking slips.


In any case, as resolutions don't work and goals seem to suit me better, here's what I'm aiming for this year in terms of my writing:

- finish my new teen girl novel, 'my year of Crazy' and send it off to my lovely editor friend at Penguin (again!)

- wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait... very patiently of course, and without boring everyone on facebook... for her to get back to me.

- e-publish and give away for free Invisible, my first teen novel, thus hopefully building goodwill towards the next one.

- do something every day to promote my books, including trying to find an international publisher for Love Tears & Autism.

- Use the 6 hours Coco will be at preschool to best effect to actually write and not just faff around on facebook.

- start and finish the parenting book I've got planned. Judging from recent posts it should be called something like Imperfect Parents Doing Their Best: loving your kids even though you feel crummy.

In my relationships I don't have many new goals. The two attributes I have been striving towards are complete truthfulness and real love so I'll stay on that path and continue to add the discipline of thankfulness which I began this year.

The only other goal I will share, (but quietly because I've trumpeted weight loss dreams around before with little success), is that of staying off sugar and taking a daily walk so that I can lose 7kg by the end of July when I turn 40.  It's day 2 so far...