Yep. There is something better than a Thermomix.

I recently bought a Thermomix kitchen machine. From the first moment I saw what it could do I knew it would revolutionise my cooking and the food I produced for my family. I bought it - true, for a fine price - but I knew it would be worth it.

And it has been. Want to see my bakery standard hot cross buns made today, with 15 minutes worth of work?

Yep. These would be them.

What about caesar salad, with gluten free, dairy free dressing from scratch?

As my daughter said, "Delicious, much?"

Now, I'm not normally the person who invites Tupperware demonstrators around to my house and I don't often choose to go to those sorts of parties. I don't like to be 'sold' to. But I really wanted my friends to see what this machine could do, and not just because I got a free bowl (I actually wondered if I needed it... maybe I'll sell it on ebay) so I organised a demo last night.

One of my friends said, "I'm not buying one, you know," before she came. I watched her all night. Her eyes got bigger every time another dish emerged and by the end she said, "I have to say that when I heard what you had bought, I thought, 'what's up with Cecily?' but now that I've seen it, I might get one."

Another friend said, "Cecily, I think you've undersold this machine. This is amazing." (She then dreamt all night that I was bossing her around telling her how to use it... ) Let me tell you, I had thought I had talked of nothing else for a fortnight. I had no idea that I could have told her any more good things. She was impressed. She may yet buy one. Who knows.

As my friends left I thought, "Wow. When people see the benefits of stuff I think is really special, they go for it - because it is special."

And then I thought, "You know. The thermomix isn't the best thing in my life. Even though it is pretty fantastic. But I don't often talk about the best thing in my life. And people probably aren't aware of the benefits of it. They probably think it's something else entirely."

The best thing in my life is Jesus. No, he doesn't make caesar salad or hot cross buns. He doesn't pulverise spices or grind grains. But he's the one who made the ingredients for all of the above. And he's the reason we eat the hot cross buns.

The benefits he offers are even more amazing than the Thermomix. You can eat Thermo food every day of your life, but you're still going to die. Jesus offers life now - and life after death. And he offers forgiveness, peace, joy and love. Things we struggle to get and keep in life. Things we all want. Desperately.

So maybe I need to talk more about the best thing in my life - Jesus. Because if I don't, I might risk underselling him. And maybe people won't understand what he's about and what faith is and what grace means.

I love my Thermomix. It makes good bread and a lot of other stuff. But people don't live on bread alone - or even custards, dressings, dips, risottos or sorbets alone. I could live without my Thermo. But I couldn't live without Jesus.