Paper pink roses and other perfect details

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be invited out to speak to groups about my books. I love public speaking and I'm usually not that nervous but today's invitation was a little bit different. This one felt like home turf. And when people know you - or as they did today - they know your family, the pressure's on.

In lots of ways St Philip's Anglican Church in Caringbah was my childhood church. My grandparents went there. My parents were married there. And whenever we came back from Pakistan to Australia we were regulars there. So it was funny, and nice, to go back as the visiting speaker and get such a warm reception.

The event was a 'high tea' but what made it extra special was the attention to detail. I've never seen decorations themed to book titles before, but this one was perfect. I felt very honoured to have personalised decorations!

On every table there was a beautiful centrepiece based around a vintage book (the book). Then there were butterflies caught inside a glass jar and puzzle pieces (symbols of autism), a little glass jar with 'tears' and a loveheart on it (love and tears) and sweetest of all, pink paper roses, taken from the image I use on this blog header.

In this instance, words can't do it all justice, so I took some photos.


Look at this. The colours are gorgeous, the glass jars are trimmed and everything is vintagely gorgeous. Just so it was all clear, the table also had one or two of these by way of explanation.

I just had to find out who had gone to all this trouble. These kinds of things are not my forte and I'm so impressed when people take the time to make things special. It makes such a difference to look after little details and brings a real warmth and energy to a room. It makes what could be just an ordinary get together into an occasion.

Anyway, I found out who she was and took her photo. Sorry, if you're reading this. I'm putting the one on with your face, not the one with your back to the camera. You deserve it.