Things, right now...

Things I love

The vivid reds and russets of the Southern Highlands autumn leaves. I. Just. Love. Autumn. Probably the most of all the seasons.

My darling friend who came up with brilliant ideas for my upcoming big birthday and who said, "Seriously, tell me what to do (except for cooking) and I'll do it." There are some people you'll just always be friends with. Forever.

Seeing my children cooperate and have fun together. Right now two of them are making videos together. It never gets old.


Things I'm ambivalent about

My dog can't keep up with me on walks anymore. I remember when I wasn't able to hold him back, he was so energetic and enthusiastic. It's sad to see him get old.


Cleaning the bathroom. 

Washing up.

Driving to Sydney.


Things I'm thinking about writing about:

Sexual harrassment / gender discrimination and its effect on life, long term.

How to negotiate social occasions when you're grieving or struggling

Why people don't go to small groups (much) and why it doesn't matter (much)