Making a world flag quilt

I don't have time to blog today because I've been sewing! It's been a while between projects but I've got big plans for my newly serviced sewing machine these school holidays.

First up is a quilt for my seven year old. For a couple of years he's been into world geography and flags (for his birthday he asked his grandparents to buy him a flag from Tibet!) so I decided it would be fun to make him a quilt featuring a variety of insignia. Here are some of the flags going into the quilt. More pictures to come.

After that I'm heading into costume territory again. With the Batman craze still reigning in our house, the seven year old has discovered an affinity with Green Arrow and his archery equipment so we have green knit and green felt in a bag waiting to be transformed into a superhero outfit next week.

But the most exciting part of today was teaching my son to sew. I always imagined that of course my daughter would want to quilt and sew and create things, like I did from a very early age. Unfortunately for me, my dreams had to be turned in other directions because she had no desire whatsoever to follow in her mother's crafting footsteps.

A few years ago I just assumed that I would always be the only creative one in our family, but it may not be the case. This kid just wanted to sew flags all afternoon. (And this one, in case you didn't know, is from Indonesia.)