Making. Dollshouse front facia

I got inspired tonight and did a lot of work on the front of the house. 

I inserted the balcony floors, put in the supporting beams, added the white trim and placed the bullnose verandah roof on. Then I tried a window in one of the window holes, and it looked so cute I just had to glue in the front section of the four windows. BTW, they have the stained glass in them.

Amazing how nice the 'wood' looks on the balcony. That's just scored MDF, shoe polish and a few coats of spray varnish.

But then I couldn't stop. 

It was too exciting, so I added the balustrades as well. How cute are they?

Next step on the front is to paint the corrugated iron roof a deep red, add the hinges and then attach it to the body of the house.

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