Making. Girls' sleeveless top

JJ models the top I made her for Christmas, albeit with the giggles. She made herself laugh teaching her little brother an insult that was vaguely rude, but quite funny.

It was a simple top to make. These are instructions that sewers will understand. If you're not a sewer and you desperately want to make it, email me!

The whole top is basically a rectangle sewn into a tube. I measured from just under her arms to where I wanted it to end. That's one side of the rectangle.

Then I measured around her body and added half that measurement again. That's the other side of the rectangle.

I cut 3 2-inch strips the right length and sewed them on as 2 lots of elastic casing and the hem. While I did the top one, I also added the tie-up straps I had already made out of 1-inch strips. 


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