Making. Quilt as you go

I've been planning a quilt for our bed for some time. After I got my big fabric stash last year I put aside all my favourite fabrics and eventually found a design that would be both easy and appropriately eye-catching. 
As quilting things seems to be my downfall (I once spent 6 years quilting a double bedder) I've decided to do this one in a 'quilt as you go' style. So the pieces you see on the table have just been quilted by machine. These are two of five long strips that will go together. When I quilt the five, I'll join them together and put a brownish strip between them, plus some blue borders around the outside. 
Quilting these two (really really basic - just in the ditch) was the work of an hour, so I'm not anticipating it will take too long to put the whole thing together. 
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