Making. Ok, so I didn't make this specifically...

... but I did design it.

I'm talking about the height-adjustable box that JJ's harp is sitting on. It's a 30 string harp, which is not a large one, and as JJ is growing she's finding that she's becoming too tall for it. (And yes, you can be too tall for a harp. When you sit to play, your eye is supposed to be at the same level as the red C string in the middle.)  

Rather than try to scrape together dollars for a bigger harp, I thought a better solution might be to find something to put the harp on. Phone books are too wobbly and we don't seem to have any little step stools the right size.

So I got my dad to make this box. It has a lip around it to keep the harp legs secure and two adjustable pieces that can be lowered or raised according to the height needed. The only thing I didn't think of was the circular hole in the middle of the box, which allows you to pick it up easily. 

It's made of MDF and it's heavy enough to be really stable on the ground. An excellent solution, if I do say so myself. And thanks Dad, for your great handiwork!