Making. Rainbow felt baby shoes



  • One bag of odd bits of felting wool in various colours
  • A spark of inspiration from reading that the school's art project this month is felting
  • Not quite enough fibre of any colour to make a substantial amount of felt
  • An abiding love for DIY baby shoes and a stumble upon this pattern
  • An evening free to stitch while watching Coco Avant Chanel (in French - which meant I didn't have to concentrate on the film so much because I could only understand about 25 per cent of it.)

 And there you have it: a pair of felted rainbow baby shoes.

First I had to make the felt. I put the layered fibres into small ziploc bags with hot soapy water to start the process, and then threw them in the washing machine. They came out as smaller, thicker pieces than I thought they would, but that's ok. I could still cut out the shoes.

This is the view from the front. I hand stitched them and didn't turn them inside out as the pattern said to as I thought they looked more rustic this way. I loved the rainbow felt for the strap and the fronts.

And here's the side view. The outside back parts of the shoe are in pink, and the inside backs are red. The soles are purple on the bottom and green on the inside.

I'll wait until the baby's born before I put press studs on to keep the straps in place. That way I'll be able to get a better fit.