Things that make me happy

I live here. Lucky me, hey? 

I live here. Lucky me, hey? 

Oh, there are a bunch of them, including going for a walk at dusk to the sound of mooing cows (we live in dairy country), every single smile on every single one of my children's faces, the smell of pink roses.

Do I sound cloyingly sweet yet?  

I love to finish making something. A shirt, a dress, a quilt, whatever. That's a big moment of joy for me. And then, even better, I get to show it off, multiple times to whoever is willing to admire it.

Something that   really  makes me happy is when I get an email or a review from a person (usually a young one) who says, "I'm not much of a reader but I couldn't put your book down." Or, "This is the first book I've read all the way through and I have dyslexia." Or, "I've never finished a book. Yours was the first."

I love reading, you see. For me, it's like breathing. I can't imagine life without it. So to think I've had a little part to play in helping someone else see the possibilities, the adventures, the widening of the universe in books gives me a pretty major thrill.

What makes you happy?

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