Oh yeah... I forgot

I've been reminded today by our RDI consultant* to keep working at my use of language with Bright Eyes.

It takes a lot of effort to keep the ratio of 80% declarative/20% imperative language. I really became aware again today of how much of my speech is telling, bossing, asking, directing when I talk to all the children. I have to create more opportunities to share my experiences or observations with them to even the thing out.

As well as that, I have to cut down my total use of words and become more non-verbal. This is so Bright Eyes learns to use all methods of communication more effectively - tone, pace, body language, expression, non-verbal sounds.

Why do I keep forgetting and having to go back to basics again?

I think it's because it actually has such a good effect on him. Whenever I do get my language right for a couple of days, I can visibly see the improvements in his cognitive processing. He takes a few steps forward and starts communicating himself at a higher level.

At that point, it's easy to match his increase in language with an increase in my own. I start to fall back into old habits because I think he's improved so much, and then gradually, almost unnoticeably he creeps back into scripting and bossing and controlling his environment, which is the thing I am trying to change to begin with.

Just as well I have this blog with which to be as verbal as I like.

*This is the really good thing about working with a consultant. She is on top of things that I forget, or don't do well, or need help or new ideas with.