Cardboard flowers and a marriage blessing

A few months ago I made some cardboard wall art - big flowers that now hang on my wall and look pretty funky. They cost all of $5 each. 
A friend of ours who was planning her wedding saw them and decided that they would be just the thing for decorating. Here are her versions - hung with gorgeous sheer fabric up in the roof of our church hall. They looked terrific.
It's great to see friends get married. I didn't get much time today to chat with her as I was chasing the baby around the property, but if I had time, I might have given her this advice on staying married and happy. (Yes, I know, I'm a big advice giver... it's a flaw...)
If you know you are securely loved, you can love others securely. So cultivate the knowledge that God loves you securely and then give it out.
Keep talking. Tell the truth. Become able to listen to the truth.
Be committed to working on your own stuff.
Get to know the five love languages and use them.
Take yourselves to talk to someone before you think you need to!